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The Unix Heritage Wiki

The Unix operating system has provided a highly flexible and functional computing environment to users and programmers since 1969. Today its descendants (the BSDs) and a clean-room implementation (Linux) power everything from embedded devices, desktops, servers through to supercomputers.

This wiki aims to collect the available historical documents and recollections of Unix into one central place so they can be studied by researchers and Unix enthusiasts alike.

Systems Details of some of the version of Unix
Source code How to obtain the source code, and licensing conditions
Features Important features of Unix
Timeline and Events A timeline of Unix and the major events in its history
People Some of the people involved in Unix' history
Interviews & Anecdotes Interviews with Unix people and their own anecdotes
Images & Photos Images, diagrams and photos related to Unix
Glossary A glossary of terms related to Unix
Publications Books, magazines, papers, websites etc. on Unix
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous information about Unix
Wiki Notes Notes about the rationale of this wiki

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