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Notes on the Unix Heritage Wiki

The prime aim of the Unix Wiki is to gather together into one place as many of the historical documents and people's recollections as possible.

We try to ensure that the information in the wiki is accurate and authentic, so an important goal for all contributors is to provide links to or details of the source of all information added to the wiki.

In order to compile this wiki, we have in some places violated copyright (e.g. on old academic papers). If you believe that a document in the wiki should be removed for copyright reasons, please e-mail the wiki administrator with the details.

Guide for Contributors

Feel free to be informal and tell it like it is, especially for the anecdotes. However, if you make an assertion or state a fact, back it up either with a link, a reference, or say that you assert this. Examples:

  • 1st Edition Unix, released November 1971 (as per the manuals).
  • The first Unix users meeting outside of the Labs was the one organised by Lou Katz in October 1973 (QCU pg 65).
  • In October 2009, Dennis sent Warren Toomey a private e-mail that said “In other news, I have found the book that has the [PDP-7] listings that I knew I had”.
  • Doug McIlroy says: Norman Wilson shares with Ritchie the honors of reigning guru.

The latter is most useful in the People section. If you know details about someone, then add it to their bio with your name as attribution.

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