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The Unix Archive

The Unix Archive is available via various protocols from several sites. We would love to have more mirrors of this archive. If you could provide a mirror of this site, please let Warren Toomey know.

FTP Access Web Access
FTP access to the Unix Archive is available from: Web access to the Unix Archive is available from: in the U.S. in the U.S. in the U.S. in the U.S. in Italy. in Italy. in the US. in the U.S. in the US. in the U.S. in Catalonia. in Catalonia. in Poland. in Mexico. in France. in Poland in Russia. in Russia. in Canada. in Canada. in Japan. in Greece. in Germany. in Germany. in England. in Germany. in the Ukraine. in Finland.

Rsync Access

The Unix Archive can also be accessed via an rsync server on See the rsync web page for details on how to obtain a client.

The rsync access is divided into a number of categories in order to ease the load on the Unix Archive server. The categories are:

Name Holds Size (Megs)
UA_Root root files 5M
UA_Applications Applications directory 270M
UA_Distributions Unix distributions 1.7G
UA_Documentation Unix documentations 880M
UA_Tools Tools to work on old systems 20M

You can use rsync to mirror each section. To mirror the complete archive, you would issue the following commands:

mkdir Applications Distributions Documentation Tools

rsync -avz   .
rsync -avz     Applications
rsync -avz    Distributions
rsync -avz    Documentation
rsync -avz            Tools

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