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 |**Name** ​  ​|**Holds** ​  ​|**Size (Megs)** ​  | |**Name** ​  ​|**Holds** ​  ​|**Size (Megs)** ​  |
 |UA_Root |root files |5M | |UA_Root |root files |5M |
-|UA_Applications |Applications directory |270M +|UA_Applications |Applications directory |284M 
-|UA_Distributions |Unix distributions |1.7G +|UA_Distributions |Unix distributions |1.9G 
-|UA_Documentation |Unix documentations |880M |+|UA_Documentation |Unix documentations |920M |
 |UA_Tools |Tools to work on old systems |20M | |UA_Tools |Tools to work on old systems |20M |
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