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Mike Accetta: Responsible for symbolic links, key (later to become man —k) and /dev/pty.

Rick Adams: Major force behind UUNET. Wrote SLIP.

Alfred Aho: The A in awk and author of egrep and dbm library.

Eric Allman: Wrote sendmail, trek, tset and —me macros. Major contributor to Ingres.

Ken Arnold: Wrote curses, fortune, and lots of other games.

Ozalp Babaoglu: Co—responsible with Bill Joy for virtual memory in Berkeley UNIX.

W. O. Baker: Rejected request for DEC-10 by Thompson, Ritchie and Ossanna, leading to development of a much smaller operating system on a much smaller machine.

Andreas Bechtolsheim: Developed initial design for SUN board.

Steve Bellovin: Wrote first implementation of Usenet.

Walt Bilofsky: Wrote Rand editor.

Biff: Heidi’s dog.

Irma Biren: Mailed out all the Sixth Edition UNIX tapes. Bruce Borden: Worked on MH and Rand editor.

Steve (“srb”) Bourne: Created the Bourne Shell. Wrote adb.

Steve Bunch: Co-wrote first Arpanet (N CP) code for UNIX.

Brent Byer: Added split I/D-space to support PDP—11/45.

Ron Cain: Wrote Small C, first public-domain C compiler.

Rudd Canaday: Co-designer of UNIX file system with Dennis and Ken. Created PWB group.

Lorinda Cherry: Writer of the Writer’s Workbench (diction, style, etc.), be, and dc. Wrote eqn with bwk.

Greg Chesson: Past drummer for Woody Herman Band, developer of mpx files (forerunner to select () ), original uucp packet driver, Datakit, line disciplines and adaptive control in dh driver.

Douglas Comer: Wrote Xinu. Responsible for first UNIX X.25 implementation with Paul McNabb and System V cron with Bob Brown and Keith Williamson.

Dave Crocker: Wrote MMDF, MS.

Bill Croft: Wrote first UNIX intemetworking implementation (using PDP-11s).

Ted Dolotta: Responsible for —m macros. First director of USG.

Robert Elz: Wrote BSD quotas and autoconfiguration.

Robert Fabry: Original faculty advisor to Berkeley CSRG who got DARPA funding for project.

Stu (”sif“) Feldman: Author of make, f77 and efl. Has nice wine cellar.

Mel Ferentz: Hosted first UNIX user group meeting. Founded UNIX News (a.k.a. ,‘login:).

David Fiedler: Founded or edited more UNIX and C magazines and newsletters than anyone else, including The UNIX Software List, The C List, Unique, UNIX Review, The C Journal, and The C Users Journal.

John Foderero: Wrote Franz Lisp.

Herb Gellis: Wrote xargs.

Jim Gettys: Co-responsible for X Window System.

George Goble: Did first influential UNIX port to an asymmetric multiprocessor (two VAX—l l/780s).

James Gosling: Wrote UNIX emacs. Co-authored NeWS with David Rosenthal.

Gary Grossman: Co—wrote first Arpanet (NCP) code for UNIX.

Rob Gurwitz: Wrote BBN’s TCP/IP implementation which later became part of Berkeley distribution.

Doug Gwyn: Wrote BRL’s System V emulation for BSD.

Teus Hagen: Established first uucp connections between US. (decvax), Europe (mcvax) and many other countries.

Dick Haight: Wrote find, cpio, expr. Added named variables to shell. Major contributor to PWB.

Chuck Haley: Wrote tar. Co—implementor of early versions of ex and Pascal shell with Bill Joy.

Dennis Hall: Co-implemented first Virtual Operating System while at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Founded Software Tools User Group.

Robert Henry: Wrote error.

Steve Holmgren: Co-wrote first Arpanet (N CP) code for UNIX.

Peter Honeyman: The Honey in Honey DanBer uucp. Wrote pathalias.

Mark Horton: Wrote curses, terminfo and did substantial work on uucp mapping project and Usenet. g

Stephen (“scj”) Johnson: Wrote yacc, pcc (Portable C Compiler), lint and early versions of spell. Assisted Dennis in one of first ports of UNIX (to Interdata 8/32).

Bill (”wnj”) Joy: Wrote much of original Berkeley release including virtual memory support, networking, Pascal, vi, ash and termcap. Co—founder of Sun Microsystems. Designed NFS. Received 1986 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award for work on Berkeley UNIX.

David Kashtan: Wrote Eunice.

Howard Katseff: Wrote sdb and last.

Lou Katz: First president of USENIX.

Brian (”bwk“) Kemighan: The K in K&R and awk. Co—authored The C Programming Language which set style for how most people write C. Wrote ratfor, ditroff, eqn and pic. Shared co-responsibility for Version 7.

Andrew Koenig: Wrote varargs (a.k.a. stdargs).

David Korn: Wrote ksh.

Ted Kowalski: Responsible for modern fsck. '

Bob Kridle: Founded Mt. Xinu.

Jim Kulp: Developed original version of job control and csh directory stacks.

Peter Langston: Responsible for early USENIX g0 tournaments. His friends Eedie and Eddie can often be reached at (201) 644-2332.

Sam Leffler: Wrote tip with Bill Shannon. Major force behind 4.2BSD and Berkeley TCP.

Mike Lesk: Wrote lex, tbl, refer, —ms macros, uucp and portable C library, precursor to stdio.

Don Libes: Co—author of Life With UNIX. Little else of note.

John Lions: Wrote first book describing and documenting the UNIX system. Often misspelled as “Lyons.”

Torn London: Co—responsible for 32V, first VAX version of UNIX.

Brian Lucas: Co-creator of first distributed UNIX file system (4 PDP—11s served by a PDP—10).

Heinz Lycklama: Wrote MERT with Doug Bayer. Wrote LSX, first UNIX for a microprocessor (LSI-11). Responsible for much early work on UNIX standards including first (/usr/group) UNIX standard.

Tom Lyon: Did one of first UNIX ports (to VM/370).

Joe Maranzano: Responsible for USG.

Bob Marsh: Founder and first president of /usr/group. Founded Onyx, first vendor of non—PDP UNIX systems and microprocessor-based UNIX systems.

John Mashey: Wrote Mashey shell, which later merged into Bourne shell. Major contributor to PWB.

Doug McIlroy: Suggested idea of pipes. Wrote tmg. Wrote diff and spell. Research in speech processing on UNIX led to grep.

Kirk McKusick: Wrote Berkeley Fast File System and portable directory access routines. Prime force behind 4.3BSD. Wrote gprof (with Peter Kessler).

Lee McMahon: Wrote sed.

Al McPherson: Wrote fsdb.

Richard Miller: Did one of first UNIX ports (to Interdata 7/32).

Robert Morris: Wrote dc and be with Lorinda Cherry.

Bill Munson: Responsible for Ultrix.

Mike Muus: Responsible for JHU/BRL UNIX.

Alan Nemeth: Responsible for BBN’s C machine, first microcoded implementation of UNIX.

Landon Noll: Founder and judge (with Larry Bassel) of International Obfuscated C Code Contest.

Dan Nowitz: The Dan in Honey DanBer. Substantial contribu— tions to original uucp.

Joseph Ossanna: Responsible for troff.

Rob Pike: Co—developer of Blit bitmapped terminal.

P. J. Plauger: Wrote first commercial C compiler. Started White— smiths, Ltd. Responsible for Idris.

Dave Presotto: Wrote vgrind with Bill Joy.

Rick Rashid: Responsible for Mach. Designed CMU interpro— cess communication.

Brian (“ber”) Redman: The Ber of Honey DanBer.

Bill Reeves: Wrote vcat with Tom Duff and Mike Tilson.

John Reiser: Co—responsible for 32V, first VAX version of UNIX. '

Dennis (“dmr”) Ritchie: While he often denies doing as much as Thompson, he is undoubtedly half the reason for UNIX. Largely responsible for C language. For work on UNIX with Thompson, received many prestigious awards including 1982 IEEE Emmanuel Piore award and 1983 ACM Turing Award.

Marc Rochkind: Wrote SCCS, and his. Major contributor to PWB.

Rob Rosenthal: Co-creator of first distributed UNIX file system.

Steve Schaefer: Responsible for CPATH, LPATH, and MPATH.

Deborah Scherrer: Co-implemented first Virtual Operating System while at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Founded Software Tools User Group.

Eric Schienbrood: Wrote more.

Eric Schmidt: Wrote BerkNet.

Jeff Schriebman: Founded Unisoft.

John Seamons: Did first port of UNIX to SUN board.

Donn Seeley: Did substantial work on f77, Ritchie compiler and pcc.

Bill Shannon: Implemented first overlayed kernel for the PDP-11 with Bill Jolitz. Wrote early version of BSD printer spooler.

Dick Shapazian: Responsible for designing early UNIX licensing structure.

Kurt Shoens: Wrote Berkeley Mail (a.k.a. mailx), fmt.

Richard (“rms”) Stallman: Responsible for emacs, GNU and Free Software Foundation.

Armando (“aps”) Stettner: Spent several years getting DEC to acknowledge the existence of UNIX.

Bjarne Stroustrup: Wrote C++.

Joe Sventek: Co-implemented first Virtual Operating System while at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Founded Software Tools User Group.

Rebecca Thomas: Co—authored first commercial book about UNIX with Jean Yates.

Ken (“ken”) Thompson: The person to blame for inventing UNIX. For work on UNIX with Dennis, received many prestigious awards including the 1982 IEEE Emmanuel Piore award and the 1983 ACM Turing Award.

Walter Tichy: Wrote RCS.

David Tilbrook: Founded HCR.

Michael Toy: Author of two great games, rogue and /etc/shutdown.

Michael Ubell: Wrote first history prototype, later adapted into csh.

Larry Wall: Author of rn, patch, and perl.

Larry Wehr: Responsible for modern named pipes.

Peter Weinberger: The W in awk. Wrote 1comp.

Peter Weiner: Obtained first commercial UNIX license for Rand Corp. Founded Interactive Systems Corp.

Lauren Weinstein: Responsible for Stargate.

David Willcox: Wrote indent.

Chris Van Wyk: Wrote ideal.

Dave Yost: Made substantial contributions to Rand editor and MH.

Walter Zintz: Created Uni—Ops user group.

Steve Zucker: Created early version of named pipes.

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