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Sandy Ressler's Animation

From: Sandy Ressler
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 09:34:17 -0500
To: Warren Toomey
Subject: Re: Life with Unix

Hey Warren was looking though some of the videos you point to on the
UNIX wiki...amusing story for the video's from Bell Labs "UNIX:
Making Computer Easier ..." and "AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating
System" there are some funky computer graphics show a set of 3 cubes
one inside the other for the Kernel, Shell, Utilities...I did that

I was working at Bell Labs from about 1980-82 doing graphics and was
asked if I could come up with something...the more amusing part is at
the end of the video are these strange dancing figures...which I am
amazed are in the job was to come up with cool demos of this
very unique piece of hardware called the "Animation Processor" which
did real time animations...all those animation were just video taped in
real time before the company Silicon Graphics existed! The animation
processor was  specialized hardware on a PDP 11/23 (I think) can't
remember what version of it was running Unix running and I used some
custom language created by the folks I worked for to do the demos...was
my first job out of school!
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