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Monit for Minnie

23rd December 2015

I've spent the last few weeks tidying minnie up and bringing her up to date. Today I finally got around to updating the top level pages on the web site. That means that the web spiders might find this blog, and thus you might be the first person to actually read this stuff. Congratulations! Sorry that I've disabled comments, but feel free to e-mail them to me.

Somewhere in the process of the tidy up I came across Monit which is a nice little open source tool to monitor processes, services and files on your Linux system and take action. The language of the config files is nice and simple too, and there are a bunch of good examples. I found a bunch on-line for the services that I run, plus modified some to make other config files, and now I have this lot:

RCS     diskspace  mailman   pingtest    postgrey  saslauthd  swapspace
apache2  dovecot    opendkim  postfix    proftpd   spamd   tun0
davmail  eth0        openssh   postgres    rsyncd      sslh         tun1

So far all services are running OK and there's a web interface to see their current state, and to stop/start them. Overnight I got an e-mail that the swap usage had exceeded 60%, so I upped the threshold today and tuned some of the system to use a bit less memory.

I can see myself spending lots of time tweaking the config files :-) All for a box that does a bit of web, e-mail and FTP.

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