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 ====== Unix Systems ====== ====== Unix Systems ======
-**[[:​systems:​research|<font 22px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Research Unix **</​font> ​   ​]]** +|[[:​systems:​research|Research Unix]] ​|The versions of Unix developed at Bell Laboratories | 
- +|[[:​systems:​usl_usg|USL/​USG]] ​|Systems developed by the Unix Support Group and the Unix System Laboratories | 
-[[:​systems:​usl_usg|USL/​USG]] +|[[:​systems:​other_early_unixes|Other Early Unixes]] ​|Modified versions of early Unix developed outside the Labs | 
- +|[[:​systems:​early_bsds|Early BSDs]] ​|The 16-bit BSDs from the University of California, written for the PDP-11 | 
-[[:​systems:​other_early_unixes|Other Early Unixes]] +|[[:​systems:​32bit_bsds|32-bit BSDs]] ​|The 32-bit BSDs for the VAX and other hardware architectures | 
- +|[[:​systems:​commercial_unixes|Commercial Unixes]] ​|Commercial versions of Unix sold by AT&T and other companies | 
-[[:​systems:​early_bsds|Early BSDs]] +|[[:​systems:​unix_derivatives|Unix Derivatives]] ​|Systems that are derived from Unix but no longer have any Unix source code |
- +
-[[:​systems:​32bit_bsds|32-bit BSDs]] +
- +
-[[:​systems:​commercial_unixes|Commercial Unixes]] +
- +
-[[:​systems:​unix_derivatives|Unix Derivatives]]+
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