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 +====== PWB Unix ======
 +**Release Date:** July 1977\\
 +**Released By:** Unix Support Group\\
 +**Source Code: ** some source code is in the [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​usdl/​spencer_pwb.tar.gz|Unix Archive]], browsable in the [[http://​​cgi-bin/​​file=PWB1|Unix Tree]]\\
 +**Documentation:​ ** included in the source code
 +(borrowed from [[http://​​wiki/​PWB/​UNIX|Wikipedia]]:​)\\
 +PWB/UNIX (for Programmer'​s Workbench) was an early version of Unix, started in 1973 by Evan Ivie and Rudd Canaday to support a computer center for a 1000-employee Bell Labs division, which would be the largest Unix site for several years to come. PWB/UNIX was to provide tools for teams of programmers to manage their source code and collaborate on projects with other team members.
 +PWB/UNIX 1.0, released in July, 1977 was based on 6th Edition Unix. Notable "​firsts"​ in PWB include SCCS, the remote job entry batch-submission system RJE, the PWB shell, written by John R. Mashey, which preceded the Bourne shell, lex and yacc, and utilities like find, cpio, expr, xargs, egrep and fgrep.
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