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 +====== Fifth Edition Unix ======
 +**Release Date:** June 1974\\
 +**Released By:** Bell Labs Research\\
 +**Source Code: ** [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​research/​Dennis_v5/​v5root.tar.gz|v5root.tar.gz ]]in the [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​research/​Dennis_v5/​|Unix Archive]], browsable in the [[http://​​cgi-bin/​​file=V2|Unix Tree]]\\
 +**Documentation:​ ** [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​research/​Dennis_v5/​v5man.pdf|5th Edition man pages]]
 +The Fifth Edition of Unix was released by Bell Laboratories in June 1974. It was designed to run on the PDP-11s with 18-bit addressing and without separate Instruction and Data spaces, for example the PDP-11/40. The kernel'​s image size was around 26 Kbytes. At this stage in the development of Unix, neither the Standard I/O library nor the Bourne shell existed, and the editor was ed.
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