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 +====== Fourth Edition Unix ======
 +**Release Date:** November 1973\\
 +**Released By:** Bell Labs Research\\
 +**Source Code: ** a kernel which predates 4th Edition is [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​research/​Dennis_v3/​nsys.tar.gz|nsys.tar.gz]] in the [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​research/​Dennis_v3/​|Unix Archive]]\\
 +**Documentation:​ ** [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​research/​Dennis_v4/​v4man.tar.gz|4th Edition man pages]], browsable in the [[http://​​cgi-bin/​​file=V4|Unix Tree]]
 +The fourth edition of Unix was the first version to have a kernel written in a high level language, C, along with some of the commands. A full and complete copy of Fourth Edition no longer exists. We have:
 +  * The manuals for Fourth Edition in machine-readable format, and
 +  * A copy of the earliest extant kernel in C, the "​nsys"​ kernel, which pre-dates the actual Fourth Edition by only a few months.
 +The "​nsys"​ kernel was donated by Dennis Ritchie. This is a version of the kernel quite close to that released in Fourth Edition, but without pipes. Dennis Ritchie writes:
 +This is a tar archive derived from a DECtape labelled "​nsys"​. What is contains is just the kernel source, written in the pre-K&R dialect of C. It is intended only for PDP-11/45, and has setup and memory-handling code that will not work on other models (it's missing things special to the later, smaller models, and the larger physical address space of the still later 11/70.) It appears that it is intended to be loaded into memory at physical address 0, and transferred to at location 0.
 +For more information about Fourth Edition Unix, see [[http://​​cm/​cs/​who/​dmr/​hist.html|The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System]] by Dennis Ritchie.
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