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 ====== The Unix Heritage Wiki ====== ====== The Unix Heritage Wiki ======
-[[:[[Systems:1stEdition]]|[[Systems:1stEdition]]]]+The Unix operating system has provided a highly flexible and functional computing environment to users and programmers since 1969. Today its descendants (the BSDs) and a clean-room implementation (Linux) power everything from embedded devices, desktops, servers through to supercomputers. 
 +This wiki aims to collect the available historical documents and recollections of Unix into one central place so they can be studied by researchers and Unix enthusiasts alike. 
 +|[[:systems:​start|Systems]] |Details of some of the versions of Unix | 
 +|[[:source:​start|Source code]] |How to obtain the source code, and licensing conditions | 
 +|[[:features:​start|Features]] |Important features of Unix | 
 +|[[:​events:​start|Timeline and Events]] |A timeline of Unix and the major events in its history | 
 +|[[:​people:​start|People]] |Some of the people involved in Unix' history | 
 +|[[:​anecdotes:​start|Interviews,​ Musings & Anecdotes]] |Interviews with Unix people and their own musings & anecdotes | 
 +|[[:​images:​start|Images,​ Photos & Videos]] |Images, diagrams, photos and videos related to Unix | 
 +|[[:​glossary:​start|Glossary]] |A glossary of terms related to Unix | 
 +|[[:​publications:​start|Publications]] |Books, magazines, papers, websites etc. on Unix | 
 +|[[:​misc:​start|Miscellaneous]] |Miscellaneous information about Unix | 
 +|[[:​wiki:​start|Wiki Notes]] |Notes about the rationale of this wiki | 
 +UNIX is a registered trademark of [[http://​​trademark.html|The Open Group.]] 
 +//If you would like edit permissions on this wiki, contact Warren.//
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