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-Unix Web Sites+====== ​Unix Web Sites ====== 
 +[[http://​|]] and Pamela Jones did an extraordinarily amazing job of covering the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit. 
 +The [[http://​​|Unix Heritage Society]] collects, curates and maintains old Unix systems and information. They have a good [[http://​​mailman/​listinfo/​tuhs|mailing list]]. 
 +Éric Lévénez has a great printable [[http://​​unix/​|Unix family tree]]. 
 +Kirk McKusick'​s [[http://​​|web site]] has information about the [[http://​​beastie/​index.html| BSD Daemon]], the [[http://​​history/​index.html| History of Unix at Berkeley]] and the [[http://​​csrg/​index.html| CSRG Archive CD-ROM set]].
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