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 +====== Unix: A History & Memoir ======
 +**Authors:​** Brian Kernighan\\
 +**Paperback:​** 197 pages\\
 +**Publisher:​** Amazon (Oct 2019)\\
 +**Language:​** English\\
 +A newer, personal, history from one of Unix's authors.
 +[[https://​​UNIX-History-Memoir-Brian-Kernighan-ebook/​dp/​B07ZQHX3R1|Amazon]] says: The fascinating story of how Unix began and how it took over the world. Brian Kernighan was a member of the original group of Unix developers, the creator of several fundamental Unix programs, and the co-author of classic books like "The C Programming Language"​ and "The Unix Programming Environment.
 +The [[https://​​~bwk/​memoir.html|author'​s page]] has some additional comments and errata.
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