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 ====== Publications on Unix ====== ====== Publications on Unix ======
-===== Books =====+[[:publications:books|Books]]
-[[:publications:life_with_unix|Life with Unix]]+[[:publications:magazines|Magazines and Newsletters]]
-[[:publications:quarter_century_of_unix|A Quarter Century of Unix]]+[[:publications:newsgroups|Usenet Newsgroups]]
-===== Magazines and Newsletters =====+[[:publications:websites|Web Sites]]
-===== Web Sites =====+[[:publications:web_pages|Web Pages]]
-===== Web Pages =====+[[:publications:man_pages|On-line Man Pages]]
-===== Published Papers/Presentations =====+[[:publications:papers|Papers and Presentations]]
-[[|The UNIX Time-sharing System]], Dennis Ritche, Communications of the ACM, 17-7, 1974+[[:publications:theses|Theses]] 
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