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 ===== Early Papers and Manuscripts ===== ===== Early Papers and Manuscripts =====
-[[|The UNIX Time-sharing System]], Dennis Ritche, Communications of the ACM, 17(7), 1974+[[|Draft: The UNIX Time-Sharing System]], D. M. Ritchie, mid-1971 (Ritchie:draft71 in Warren's {{:publications:wkt_reflist.bib|bibiography}} )\\ 
 +[[|Kernel Subroutine Descriptions]], Jim DeFelice, March 1972 (DeFelice72 in Warren's {{:publications:wkt_reflist.bib|bibiography}} )\\ 
 +[[|Study of Unix]], T. Bashkow, June 1972 (Bashkow1972 in Warren's {{:publications:wkt_reflist.bib|bibiography}} )\\ 
 +[[|Unix Users Seminar]], M. D. McIlroy, T. Baskhow, K. Thompson, January 1973 (McIlroy1973 in Warren's {{:publications:wkt_reflist.bib|bibiography}} )\\ 
 +[[|The UNIX Time-sharing System]], Dennis Ritche, Communications of the ACM, 17(7), 1974 (Ritchie:1974:UTS in Nelson's [[|bibliography]])
 ===== 1970s Papers ===== ===== 1970s Papers =====
 +[[|A Comparison of the RSX-11M, RSTS/E and Unix Timesharing Systems]], Martin Tuori and Sandra Wright, AUUGN 1(1) pg 5, October 1978\\
 +[[|Unix in a Hostile Environment]], Peter Ivanov, AUUGN 1(1) pg 13, October 1978\\
 +[[|C-Language Oriented Microprogram for the HP-21MX]], A.G. Fraser and D. M. Ritchie, AUUGN 1(3) pg 8, March 1979\\
 +[[|Changes in the C Environment for Unix/TS Edition 1.0]], Andrew Koenig, AUUGN 1(3) pg 15, March 1979\\
 +[[|Mini Unix: What is it?]], Chris Rowles, AUUGN 1(3) pg 40, March 1979\\
 +[[|A Brief Note on Unix System Performance]], Ian Johnstone, Chris Maltby and Gred Rose, AUUGN 1(4) pg 28, May 1979\\
 +[[|Terminal Interfaces]], Robert Elz, AUUGN 1(5) pg 16, July 1979\\
 +[[|Unix V32: Summary]], Bell Laboratories, AUUGN 1(5) pg 28, July 1979\\
 +[[|Implementing Unix on a PDP-11/34]], Dave Horsfall, AUUGN 1(6) pg 17, September 1979\\
 +[[|Paramaterization of Software Distributions]], Johan W. Stevenson, AUUGN 1(6) pg 25, September 1979\\
 +[[|Mini Unix II Progress Report]], Chris Rowles, AUUGN 2(1) pg 3, November 1979\\
 +[[|Unix-60: Transporting Unix to the KD-11K Processor]], Chris Rowles, AUUGN 2(1) pg 5, November 1979\\
 +[[|Checking File Access Permissions in Unix Systems]], Robert Elz, AUUGN 2(1) pg 10, November 1979\\
 +[[|Shell Subprogram Facility]], Robert Elz, AUUGN 2(1) pg 14, November 1979\\
 +[[|Vrije Security]], unknown, AUUGN 2(1) pg 22, November 1979
 +===== Bell System Technical Journal Papers (1978) =====
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Preface]], Crowley, T.H.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Foreword]], McIlroy, M.D. ; Pinson, E.N. ; Tague, B.A.\\
 +[[|The UNIX time-sharing system]], Ritchie, D.M. ; Thompson, K.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: UNIX implementation]], Thompson, K.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: A retrospective]], Ritchie, D.M.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: The UNIX shell]], Bourne, S.R.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: The C programming language]], Ritchie, D.M. ; Johnson, S.C. ; Lesk, M.E. ; Kernighan, B.W.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Portability of C programs and the UNIX system]], Johnson, S.C. ; Ritchie, D.M.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: The MERT Operating System]], Lycklama, H. ; Bayer, D.L.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: UNIX on a microprocessor]], Lycklama, H.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: A minicomputer satellite processor system]], Lycklama, H. ; Christensen, C.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Document preparation]], Kernighan, B.W. ; Lesk, M.E. ; Ossanna, J.F.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Statistical text processing]], McMahon, L.E. ; Cherry, L.L. ; Morris, R.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Language development tools]], Johnson, S.C. ; Lesk, M.E.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: The Programmer's Workbench]], Dolotta, T.A. ; Haight, R.C. ; Mashey, J.R.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: The UNIX Operating System as a base for applications]], Luderer, G.W.R. ; Maranzano, J.F. ; Tague, B.A.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Microcomputer control of apparatus, machinery, and experiments]], Wonsiewicz, B.C. ; Storm, A.R. ; Sieber, J.D.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: Circuit design aids]], Fraser, A.G.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: A support environment for MAC-8 systems]], Rovegno, H.D.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: No. 4 ESS diagnostic environment]], Pekarich, S.P.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: RBCS/RCMAS — converting to the MERT operating system]], Nagelberg, E.R. ; Pilla, M.A.\\
 +[[|UNIX time-sharing system: The Network Operations Center System]], Cohen, H. ; Kaufeld, J.C.
 ===== 1980s Papers ===== ===== 1980s Papers =====
 +[[|Terminal Interfaces (part 2)]], Robert Elz, AUUGN 2(2) pg 17, January 1980\\
 +[[|Unix Scheduling]], unknown, AUUGN 2(2) pg 24, January 1980\\
 +[[|Artificial Intelligence Languages on Unix]], Claude Sammut, AUUGN 2(2) pg 35, January 1980\\
 +[[|More Bugs in alloc and free]], Andrew Hume, AUUGN 2(2) pg 38, January 1980
 +===== AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal (1984) =====
 ===== 1990s Papers ===== ===== 1990s Papers =====
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 ===== Retrospective Papers ===== ===== Retrospective Papers =====
-[[|The Restoration of Early Unix Artifacts]], Warren Toomey, 2009 Usenix Annual Technical Conference+[[|A Research Unix Reader]], M. D. McIlroy, 1987\\ 
 +[[|The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Unix Legacy]], R. Pike, 2001\\ 
 +[[|The Restoration of Early Unix Artifacts]], Warren Toomey, 2009 Usenix Annual Technical Conference\\ 
 +[[|First Edition Unix: Its Creation and Restoration]], Warren Toomey, //IEEE Annals of the History of Computing//, 32 (3), 74-82, 2010\\ 
 +[[|The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix]], Warren Toomey, //IEEE Spectrum magazine//, November 2011\\ 
 +[[|A Repository With 44 Years of Unix Evolution]], Diomidis Spinellis. In //MSR '15: Proceedings of the 12th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories//, pages 13–16, 2015.
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