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 ====== Warren Toomey ====== ====== Warren Toomey ======
 +Warren writes: Although I wasn't involved in the development of Unix, I've had a fascination for Unix for a long time. I set up the [[http://​​|Unix Heritage Society]] and its [[http://​​mailman/​listinfo/​tuhs|mailing list]], curate the [[http://​​archive_sites.html|Unix Archive]] and have contributed to [[http://​|this wiki]]. I've also done a lot of work restoring old artifacts such as the [[http://​​Archive/​PDP-11/​Distributions/​research/​Dennis_v3/​|'​nsys'​ kernel]], the [[http://​​Archive/​Applications/​Early_C_Compilers/​|early C compilers]] and the [[https://​​DoctorWkt/​unix-jun72|1972 Unix kernel]].
 +As to what inspired all of this, it was a [[:​blog:​why_start_tuhs|PDP-11 that I couldn'​t use]].
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