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 ====== Stu (”sif"​) Feldman ====== ====== Stu (”sif"​) Feldman ======
-[[:​publications:​life_with_unix|Life with Unix]] says:  Author of make, f77 and efl. Has nice wine cellar.+[[:​publications:​life_with_unix|Life with Unix]] says: Author of make, f77 and efl. Has nice wine cellar. 
 +[[https://​​details/​a_research_unix_reader|A Research Unix Reader]] says: Stu (Stuart M Feldman implemented,​ with Andy (Andrew D.) Hall, the efl preprocessor to sugar Fortran with PL/I-ish syntax. He wrote the pi Fortran compiler single-handedly and invented the famous make. A man of taste and culture, Stu exhibited both in his underground classic on UNIX style
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