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 ====== Doug McIlroy ====== ====== Doug McIlroy ======
-[[:​publications:​life_with_unix|Life with Unix]] says:  Suggested idea of pipes. Wrote tmg. Wrote diff +[[:​publications:​life_with_unix|Life with Unix]] says: Suggested idea of pipes. Wrote tmg. Wrote diff and spell. Research in speech processing on UNIX led to grep
-and spell. Research in speech processing on + 
-UNIX led to grep.+[[https://​​details/​a_research_unix_reader|A Research Unix Reader]] says: Doug (M. Douglas) Mcllroy exercised the right of a department head to muscle in on the original two-user PDP-7 system. Later he contributed an eclectic bag of utilities: tmg for compiler writing, speak for reading text aloud, diff, and join. He also collected dictionaries and made tools to use them: look (v7, after a model by Ossanna), diet (v8), and spell (v7).
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