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 +====== Brian (”bwk"​) Kernighan ======
 +[[:​publications:​life_with_unix|Life with Unix]] says: The K in K&R and awk. Co—authored The C Programming Language which set style for how most people write C. Wrote ratfor, ditroff, eqn and pic. Shared co-responsibility for Version 7.
 +[[https://​​details/​a_research_unix_reader|A Research Unix Reader]] says: Brian W. Kernighan, expositor par excellence, coined the name UNIX, popularized the tools philosophy [6], wrote the best tutorials, and became a prolific inventor of specialized "​little languages":​ ratfor, eqn, awk and pic. The Center'​s typesetting guru since the untimely death of Joe Ossanna, Brian produced the current "​device-independent"​ version of troff and postprocessors for particular hardware.
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